Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu) Seed Butter


What is it? 

Capuaçu butter is a fat extracted from the seed of the Capuaçu tree and stems from the Malvaceae family. In Spain, it is also known as cacao blanco, white cacao, and is used to make chocolate-like desserts.  

Capuaçu butter has very strong water binding properties and is an excellent emulsifier. It is particularly supple and has a light-weight feeling on the skin. It supports the natural skin barrier while soothing it and fighting against redness. It has excellent moisturising properties and improves the elasticity and minimises breakage when included in hair care products. 


What are the benefits to my hair/skin/well-being? 

  • moisturising and moisture binding 
  • increases viscosity 
  • soothes the skin, ideal to treat redness 
  • supports the natural barrier of the skin 


EWG’s Skin Deep Score = 1