SOPHIC is a certified Australian-owned company established in 2019 by the same team behind Australia and New Zealand’s largest niche distributor specialising in sustainable options for professional hair and beauty salons, Eco Salon Supplies.

We are a group of forward-thinking individuals demanding change within the hair and beauty industry who also share a love for our country. The love and respect we have for our country fuels our purpose to change your perception of hair care and foster an appreciation for Australia.



    We are stronger when we live connected with each other and with nature. We are so lucky in that we have such diversity of ethnicities, cultures and beliefs, even plant and animal species. Australia is awesome!


    We are confident about who we are as a brand and it’s important for us to show that we are living within our values. Because of this we are very selective with who we support and promote. We do not compete on price and quality. Transparency is key to keep our customers engaged and informed. Read about The Sophic Standard here.


    A conscious lifestyle is a deliberate and thought-out life. It’s about being mindful of how we live our lives through the choices we make, and how those choices affect the lives of others. We question ourselves constantly about what we do and why we do things so that we can align our actions with our beliefs. We are also passionate about assisting our customers on their journey to live a more considered lifestyle.


    Embracing technology and science can lead to a more sustainable and equal society. We’re always on the look out for new ideas, methods and technology. Knowledge is power and education brings us closer as an industry and as a society.