Unveil the luxury of SOPHIC treatments, meticulously crafted with vegan, clean ingredients and enriched with potent Australian botanicals.

Experience our SOPHIC Moisture Treatment, a lavish remedy for dry, damaged hair. Infused with a captivating blend of Cinnamon, Orange, Cedarwood, and Vetiver, this formula combines the nourishing power of Capuacu, baobab, jojoba, and hemp to deeply penetrate each strand. Revel in long-lasting softness and brilliance as moisture is replenished and sealed in.

Or try our SOPHIC Protein Treatment, formulated to rejuvenate and fortify. This transformative blend replenishes essential proteins, strengthens the hair shaft, and seals the cuticle for healthier, revitalised locks. With cold-pressed hemp seeds, Australian Native Kangaroo Apple, and Kakadu Plum, it delivers protein deep into the cortex, combating damage and boosting resilience.

Experience SOPHIC treatments – the ultimate fusion of nature and science for luscious, revitalised locks that radiate vitality and beauty. Remember we offer Afterpay at checkout and FREE Shipping on orders $100+

Sophic Treatments