What does the number mean? The Sophic Steps

We have product to cover your entire hair care routine. The Sophic Steps works this way... Each label has a number followed by the range. Will need to elaborate more on this paragraph blah blah blah.


1 | Cleanse

Start your hair care routine with Step 1 to effectively wash away impurities from your scalp and prepare your hair for Step 1.1 or Step 2.

1.1 | Cleanse + Colour

Step 1.1 is a hair colour enhancing product delivering tonal pigments to brighten and neutralise yellow hues in blonde and grey hair. Simply use after Step 1 or use instead of Step 1.

2 | Seal

Step 2 is the perfect way to repair and lock in moisture to your hair. Step 2 will promote shine, vitality and add protection to your hair.

3 | Treat

Depending on your hair needs Step 3 delivers the right amount of protein and moisture to your hair leaving it nourished and stronger.

4 | Style Preparation

Step 4 creates the perfect foundation for hydration, repair and frizz control preparing your hair with just the right amount of care before you style your way into Step 5.

5 | Style

Step 5 adds volume, lift and movement for styling. Whether you are creating body and fullness, or needing some smoothing and shine we have you covered. Apply to damp hair.

6 | Finish

Finish styling with Step 6 to control your look. Applying to dry hair you can mould, shape and hold your finished style.


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