What is it? 

Squalane found in cosmetics because of their emollient properties and for their skin benefits. According to Paula's Choice, Squalene has antioxidant properties and helps repair the skin. 

Squalene was originally derived from shark liver. But it's also found in both plants and animals, and this includes humans. Squalene is found naturally in our sebum and its purpose is to lubricate the skin. It's also interesting that in new borns, 12% of the skin's surface is made from Squalene. 

Squalene was obtained by hunting sharks and extracting the oil from their liver. Because this almost led to their extinction, more humane and sustainable ways of sourcing this ingredient can now be found. 

Today, a lot of Squalene is derived from plants. Vegan sources where Squalene can be derived from include olives, sugarcane, rice bran, wheat germ, and palm trees. We use a Vegan source here at Sophic.  

Squalane is hydrogenated Squalene. This is the version you'll find listed in cosmetics ingredients, since it's more stable than Squalene. 


What are the benefits to my hair/skin/well-being? 

  • Antioxidant 
  • Strengthening 
  • Moisturising 
  • Prevents irritation 
  • Builds protective skin barrier 
  • Softer hair 


EWG’s Skin Deep Score = 1