What is it? 

It acts as a natural humectant, meaning that it can attract and draw moisture to your hair and scalp and hold it there. Glycerin or glycerol is a colourless, odorless, and thick water-soluble liquid used in many beauty products. It is a sugar alcohol that can be derived from animal products, plants, and petroleum. 

Our Glycerin is pure, natural and organic certified product. It is produced from certified organic vegetable oils like soybean, maize, sesame, etc. We also confirm that we do not use palm oil or any derivatives in production of Organic Glycerin. 


What are the benefits? 

  • Moisturises hair and improves scalp layer by hydrating it thereby preventing dandruff 
  • Reduces frizziness and breakage 
  • Promotes hair growth 
  • Reduces scalp itching 
  • Repairs damage from heat styling tools, pollution and harmful chemicals 


                                                                            EWG’s Skin Deep score = 2 

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