Citrus Glauca (Desert Lime) Fruit Extract


What is it? 

A tiny native Australian fruit found occurring in semi-arid regions in eastern Australia. It grows in inland woodlands and brigalow scrubs and is able to withstand extreme temperature conditions. 

The Desert Lime is a powerful source of antioxidants including Vitamin C, Phenolic Acids, Flavonone Glycosides, Lignan and Courmarin Derivatives. 


What are the benefits to my hair/skin/well-being? 

  • Protection from damaging free radicals  
  • Reduces scalp redness and irritation 
  • Helps in the growth and protection of hair  
  • Protects hair from UV damage 
  • Anti-static agent and conditioning  
  • Adds feeling of smoothness to the skin and hair  
  • Builds protein hydrolysate moisture in the skin and hair 


EWG’s Skin Deep Score = 1