Redefine bleaching with Sophic Lightening Butter.


AMMONIA-FREE LIGHTENING: SOPHIC Lightening Butter provides a gentle lightening experience free from harsh ammonia.

EVENLY LIFTS 7 LEVELS: Achieve a consistent lift up to 7 levels for a flawless lightening effect.

VERSATILE LIGHTENING TECHNIQUES: Can be used for all lightening techniques, from balayage and baby lights to on scalp work, catering to diverse styling needs.

NO SWELLING OR BLEEDING: The formula does not swell or bleed, ensuring precise application and results.

MOISTURE RETENTION: Retains moisture within the hair and doesn’t dry out while processing, promoting healthier hair.

CREAMY CONSISTENCY: The creamy consistency allows for an even application, ensuring uniform lightening results.

  • 7 Levels of Lift

  • Mix 1:2

  • Use with Sophic 10, 20, 30 & 40 Vol

  • Process for 45-55 mins

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