Behentrimonium Methosulfate


What is it? 

Behentrimonium Methosulfate, also known as BMS, is a quaternary ammonium compound synthetically derived from the oil that comes from rapeseed. Used in conditioners, shampoos, and lotions it also aids in providing extra slip in these products. 

BMS is also an emulsifier. What does that mean exactly? An emulsifier helps to bind together a product that has water and oil in order to make it into a cream.  

Not all sulfates are created equal. BMS is plant-derived so many have said it is not a cause for concern in natural hair products. It does not cause build-up and is said to be non-irritating.


What are the benefits to my hair/skin/well-being? 

  • Mold conditioner 
  • Reduces static and frizz 
  • Encourage moisture retention 
  • Easy detangling 
  • More voluminous, thicker hair without build up.  


EWG’s Skin Deep Score = 4