We are excited for you explore what the SOPHIC Conscious Colour System and SOPHIC Care stands for and how these products perform. Here, we're going to tell you how to use them!



- 52 ammonia free shades
- Blue-based
- Mixed 1:1.5 with developing cream

A hair colour cream that is overflowing with natural goodness and performs just like a treatment.

52 beautifully controlled shades containing micro colour pigments, our unique phyto complex blend, and a range of vegetable amino acids that penetrate the hair fibre, providing moisture and strength while repairing surface damage. Limitless tonal possibilities are achievable as all shades are intermixable, creating subtle reflections, rich vibrant hues and perfect grey coverage. The cool-based SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment is formulated to a cream gel consistency making it easy to apply and with the right developing cream can offer up to 4 levels of lift. 


Mixoloy Method  

To keep your colour cost down we have created a mixology method where you purchase only the colours you need to create endless tonal possibilities by a mixology method that is effective and easy to use. 

You've received the following colours in your Foundation Parcel: 
6.0 x 1 
6.1 x 1 
6.3 x 1  

With our Mixology method you will be able to create the following tones from the selected colours. Below is the percentage of each colour and examples of mixing ratios.  

6.01 - Mixology: 60% 6.0 + 40% 6.1 
6.03 - Mixology: 60% 6.0 + 40% 6.3  

6.31 - Mixology: 60% 6.3 + 40% 6.1 
6.13 - Mixology: 60% 6.1 + 40% 6.3   

EXAMPLE | To create a 6.01 (Natural Ash Dark Blonde) 
Mixology: 60% 6.0 + 40% 6.1 
Mixing ratio: 24g 6.0 + 16g 6.1 + 60g SOPHIC Developing Cream 


The SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment is formulaed to achieve perfect white hair coverage. It is recommendedd to follow the table on page 24 of The Sophic Story when mixing as a percentage of the natural base shade will be required to achieve total coverage.

Recommended Developing Cream:
White Hair Coverage 6% (20 Vol)
White Hair Blending 3% (10 Vol)
Soft White Hair Blend: 2% (6.75 Vol)**

In the case of resistant hard to cover white hair, we recommend a resistant mix of 1 part Sophic Hybrid Colour Treatment, to 1 part Sophic Developing Cream.  

EXAMPLE: 30g 7.0 30g 6% 


The SOPHIC Pastel Toners are designed to create beautiful tones on pre-lightened levels 9 & 10. They can be used tocreate subtle reflects or more fashion based tonal reflects.It is recommended that when toning or pastel toning wherethere is natural hair present (ie: highlighting or balayage) that you use SOPHIC Developing Cream 1% and allow for aminimum of 15 - 20 minutes processing, resulting in zero root lift and maximum longevity.

Mixing ratios & developing times can be found on page 20 of The Sophic Story



- Ammonia free developing cream
- Infused with essential oils that soothe and protect the scalp and nourish lengths

A developing cream that nourishes with cotton seed & shea butter, delivering moisture for improved hair strength & softness. Enriched with unique Australian goodness including Quandong Fruit, Dessert Lime, Bramble Wattle and Tea Tree, the SOPHIC Developing Cream is a treatment-based developer that not only delivers creative results but also soothes and protects the scalp. With the added antioxidants and phytosterols the hair will be left feeling nourished and protected in addition to added shine and enhanced colour longevity. 

The SOPHIC Developing Cream is designed to carefully and gently oxidise natural pigments from the hair shaft and deposit the SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment colour molecules resulting in a perfect balance of repair, nourishment and effect 


SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment is mixed on a standard mixing ratio of 1 part SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment to 1.5 parts SOPHIC Developing Cream (1:1.5 ratio). 

Your SOPHIC Developing Cream 20 vol will give you the following technical results when mixed with SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Cream: 

- Full grey coverage when mixed with at least 50% from our Natural (.0) range - 1-2 levels of lift - Achieve darker than natural levels with permanent results - Intense vibrant results in colour tone when applying to the mid length and ends with fashion colours  Process between 35 - 45 mins depending on your result. 



- Glucose and amino acid treatment
- Reconstructs while processing
- Supports damaged internal keratins

Teaming up with SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment & SOPHIC Developing Cream, this supercharged hero transforms even the most compromised hair into layers of silk. This is a glucose and amino acidic protein treatment which has a unique multifaceted mode of action. It penetrates deep into the cortex to create new hydrogen and ionic bonds to support the damaged internal keratin structure by strengthening and providing manageability back to the hair. 

With the addition of arginine, one of the most important amino acids in keratin, it strengthens the hair, therefore decreases hair breakage and minimises hair loss. The SOPHIC Reconstructing Elixir is added to the SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment for a deep reconstructing & repair action for dry, damaged & stressed mid-length and ends. A time saving treatment as it repairs while the colour is processing. 


METHOD 1: USING THE REMAINING COLOUR IN YOUR BOWL TO REFRESH MID-LENGTH AND ENDS After you have applied your SOPHIC Hybrid Colour Treatment to your regrowth area, add the SOPHIC Reconstructing Elixirtoyour remaining colour mixture. You will need to weigh the remaining colour mixture in your bowl (taking the weight of the bowl out of the equation) and add 1/5 of SOPHIC Reconstructing Elixir to the weighed mixture and apply.


Reduces stress to compromised, fragile hair during thelightning process.

STEP 1: Mix your SOPHIC Lightening Butter with yourSOPHIC Developing Cream. Add 25% of SOPHIC Reconstructing Elixir to the amount of SOPHIC Lightening Butter used and mix well. Example: 10g SOPHIC LighteningButter + 20g SOPHIC Developing Cream + 2.5g SOPHICReconstructing Elixir.

STEP 2: Apply.


An intense rebonding service to repair hair while hydratingor strengthening hair. The perfect treatment to repair,hydrate and soften dry, brittle stressed hair.

STEP 1: Use after the SOPHIC Cleanser. Add SOPHICReconstructing Elixir to any SOPHIC Treatment. Example:20g of SOPHIC moisture treatment +10g of Elixir. Work thismixture into the palms of your hands and apply in thedirection of the hair cuticle through the lengths of towel-dried hair.

STEP 2: Comb through the hair using the SOPHIC Comb.Leave the client to indulge for 3-5 minutes using heat fromhands, hot towel or steam to swell and slightly raise thecuticle to allow for maximum penetration and nourishment.

STEP 3: Rinse thoroughly.



- Lifts 7 levels
- Infused with essential oils to strength, repair and protect the hair and scalp
- Produces minimal swelling
- Mixed 1:2 with Sophic Developing Cream

A fragrance and ammonia free reconstructive lightening butter that is gentle on the scalp yet still powerful enough for up to 7 levels of lift in a single application. Foils, free hand & full head lightening we have you covered with SOPHIC Lightening Butter.  

A careful balance of titanium dioxide & magnesium oxide, both natural substances are used to opacify the hairs pigment during the lifting process creating clean flawless blondes. You will find listed in the ingredients; argan oil & candelilla wax to control moisture levels; hydrolysed vegetable proteins for added strength and repair; and Kaolin which helps strengthen and detoxify hair and acts as a bulking agent making SOPHIC Lightening Butter perfect for highlighting and free hand techniques. With minimal swelling action SOPHIC Lightening Butter produces beautiful blonde levels while maintaining the hairs structural integrity. 


Your SOPHIC Lightening Butter is beautiful and gentle on the hair fibre and is always mixed 1 part SOPHIC Lightening Butter to 2 parts SOPHIC Developing Cream(1:2 ratio). We recommend you give the pouch a small massage to ensure all the repairing and conditioning agents are mixed in well and that you mix smaller amounts as a little goes a long way.  In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part SOPHIC Lightening Butter to 2 parts SOPHIC Developing Cream. To begin, we recommend 10g Sophic Lightening Butter to 20g Sophic Developing Cream.  

Due to the minimal swelling action you can apply heat for accelerated developing times and like all lightening products proper saturation is the key for even lift. 


    Your Colour Foundation Parcel contains the essential items to give you an idea of what the Conscious Colour System can do.

    You will have recieved:

    1 x Hybrid Colour Treatment 6.0 100g 
    1 x Hybrid Colour Treatment 6.1 100g 
    1 x Hybrid Colour Treatment 6.3 100g 
    1 x Developing Cream 1000ml 6% (20Vol)
    1 x Lightening Butter 500g
    1 x Reconstructing Elixir 120g


    The SOPHIC Care Foundation Parcel allows you to sample our retail range before placing an opening order.

    You will have recieved:
    1 x Daily Cleanser 375mL
    1 x Daily Conditioner 200mL
    1 x Moisture Cleanser 375mL
    1 x Moisture Conditioner 200mL

You can find all the technical information you need on this page, or in the The SOPHIC Story.



For sales & technical support contact your Partner Procurement Representative.

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